At Mainstone Riding Academy we offer full board.  Horses are fed twice a day with 3 choices of Seminole Wellness grain and T&A hay, their stalls are cleaned daily and fresh shavings twice a week. 
During the summer horses are turned out 6 days a week (depending on the grass condition and weather. They are in Sat with a flake of hay for lunch). 

We have eight pastures for turn outs, and we have a “buddy” system to put horses with each other. We fertilize the pastures, spray for weeds, and keep them mowed in the summer.  

Mainstone's feeders and stall cleaners have years of horse experience, and they keep a close eye on your horse. 

We offer 12 x 12 box stalls most with rubber mats, automatic waters, a fly spray system and fans. Many stalls include private outside paddocks.
There are no fees for holding your horse for the vet/farrier or giving supplements.
Full board $670 includes:
4 lessons per month
 **weekly lesson paid with board on the 1st of the month.
2 flakes T&A per day 
2 scoops Seminole Wellness grain per day 
Nutrition is carefully watched by the manager and adjusted for the benefit of the horse.
If your horse should need more we can arrange extra per flake and per scoop feeding at an additional cost.